About me

Hello, my name is Marcela. I’m an architect, designer and photographer.  I enjoy simple things and collect moments. It’s been a while since I started experimenting with really basic film cameras, but I believe the art is made by the human not the equipment. People used to ask me what kind of camera I used to use and I’m proud to say I started using a Sony Cyber-Shot P-32 3.2 megapixels, and with that, got published in various European photography magazines and sold a few photographs for commercial use.

I’m a very curious person, love being unique and different, I believe I have and try to capture my own perspective of things, feelings and sensations, I believe I’m good getting the “good angle” of people in portraits making them feel gorgeous as they are by capturing their inner beauty too.  Textures, colour and high contrast fan,  and I have to admit, I do love self portraits.  You’ll see many of my adventures with the camera, I learn by trying, sometimes my experiments are not good but we all learn from mistakes and I would LOVE to see what you think about them.

I’m very very thankful for the family and friends God has sent me. They all are the reason I am who and where I am. I love all and every one of you.

I really hope you like my work and hope to hear from you soon.

Marce Garal


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